The Knights' Trail Battle of Lincoln 1217 Post Card

A luxury art print card commemorating the 800th anniversary of the 2nd Battle of Lincoln on 20th May 1217 from an original painting by artist Kay Burton. Featuring William Marshal at Lincoln Castle and produced for the Knights' Trail 2017

By May 1217, the city of Lincoln and much of the country had been taken over by the combined French and rebel English forces. Lincoln Castle held out for the Royalist cause under the command of a formidable lady castellan, Nicolaa de la Haye.

But on the morning of 20th May 1217, the Royalist army entered the city from the north, led by William Marshal the greatest knight, at the time acting as the King’s Protector, along with William Longespée, 3rd Earl of Salisbury. The army engaged in fierce fighting between Lincoln Castle’s East Gate and Lincoln Cathedral.

The siege of the Castle was lifted, the French commander was killed and the rebels fled down the hill.

These postcards are digitally printed on to a silky white board (FSC rated card stock). 

Historic Lincoln Postcard to add to your collection 

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